Search Pokemon By Age in pokemon go – days since caught

You can search Pokemons by their age (in days or years) 

to search pokemon by how old they are just search age +number of days

copy this and change the days :

age 365-

this will give you all the pokemons that are older then 1 year  

more searches : include the – 

age 0  :pokemon that caught in the last 24 hours, last day

age 1 :pokemon that caught on the last 24-48 hours.

age 30- :pokemon that got caught over a month ago

age 365- : pokemon that caught over a year ago

age 730- :pokemons that caught over 2 years ago 

pro tip: 

search for age 730- for pokemons older then 2 years,

this will increase the The chance to get a Lucky Pokemon in a trade.

you can search by year too ! 

search : year 2021

to see all pokemons caught only on 2021