Search By Mega Level in Pokemon go

You can search Pokemons by the Mega level. 

to search pokemon by mega level copy this :


this will give you all the pokemons that are in mega level 1 – bese level 

more mega level searches :  

mega1 –  base level mega level, pokemons with mega level 1

mega2 – high level mega level,pokemons with mega level 2

mega3 – max level mega leve, pokemons with mega level 3

mega0 – pokemons that can mega evolve that you never mega evolved.

the best use for this search is to search for your mega 1 and mega 2 level 

pokemons so you can mega evolve them ! 

do this each time that you can mega evolve for free !

in mega3 you can get extra xl from catching pokemons from the same mega type.

so if your doing a raid or catching in comunity day. 

you will have excellent candy xl chance ! and you will be able to get more candies.

search by mega3 and the pokemon type.

for example :

mega3 & dragon


pro tip :

tag all the pokemons you want to bring to max mega level with the tag “mega”

then search : mega & !mega3 

this will give you all the pokemons you want to bring to mega level 3 and 

are not level 3, so you can search it and mega evolve them each week.