Search By Distance – from location where the Pokemon caught

You can search pokemons by distance in pokemon go. 

this is the easiest search term you can copy and paste.

search pokemon by distance :

distance 100-

examples and more info:

pokemon that caught at a distance further then 100 kilometers: 

the best use is to search for pokemons that are more then 100 kilometer away,

that way you will get 1 xl candy of the traded pokemon ! and more candies

more distance search options in pokemon go :

distance 100-200 : type this to find all pokemons caught between 100-200  km

from your current location. you can replace the 100 and 200 with any other 


distance 100 : only pokemons that caught less 100 km from your location.

distance 200- : pokemons caught further then 200 km away from your location.

note : all those searches will change as you change your loctaion!