Pokemon go transfer search string

Deciding which Pokémon to transfer in Pokémon GO depends on various factors,

including your personal preferences,

the Pokémon’s IVs (Individual Values), duplicate Pokémon, and the specific Pokémon you already have in your collection.

However, here are some general guidelines for determining which Pokémon to transfer:


here is a code for pokemon less then 80iv, not shiny, not legendary or mythical and without a costume :

!4*&!3*&!shiny&!legendary&!mythical&!costume&!ultra beasts

just copy and paste this code to pokemon go for Pokémon GO mass transfer

This code includes

1. pokemons with iv less then 80iv

2. not shiny pokemons

3. not legendary or mythical or ultra beasts

4. not pokemons with costumes.

if you don’t collect costume pokemons you can remove !costume

if you want to delete lagendary you can’t remove !legndary

Pokémon go quick transfer search string for quick transfer.

i delete pokemons like this : !4*

and i delete all those that are not 100iv from my list, exluding those who i want to keep (rare pokemons) so in the long search term i gave here we exlude more pokemons.

you can copy and paste this code and select all not rare pokemons and delete all pokemons in fast way. mass transfer in the easiest way for now.

delete them all 🙂

have fun !