Pokemon Go friend search terms – search inside friends list

you can search friends in pokemon go by friend search strings

searching in the friend list will help you know which friends to send and open gifts.

search friends you didn’t do interaction with today

interactable & !lucky

this will show you all the friends you didn’t have interaction with them today and are not lucky friends. 

more search strings and commands you can use in the friends list :

interactable – friends you didn’t have interaction with them today.

giftable – friends you can send gift too today. 

lucky – list of the friends you lucky friends with.

friendlevel 0 -friends you never had interaction with.

friendlevel 1 – friends in good friend level.

friendlevel 2 – friends in great friend level.

friendlevel 3 – friends in ultra friend level.

friendlevel 4- friends in best friend level.

you can start searching a friend name and not search all name. if for example the friend name is pokehunter , just search po and it will find him.

pro tip : 

use those filters and codes to help send and open gift, and interact with friend.

the best way to send gifts to friends in pokemon go:  write this line :

interactable & !lucky & giftable 

then send gifts to all of this list

the best way to open gifts in pokemon go :

interactable & !lucky  

then sort by gifts, and open from all of this list. this is the fastest way to open gifts. you can swipe left and right inside the players sceen to go to next player.

if you need to know the next friends to go to best level just write friendlevel 3 and sort by level.

or if you want more lucky friends in pokemon go open gifts first from friendlevel 4.